<div style="font:normal 12px trebuchet ms, trebuchet, verdana, arial, helvetica;padding:20px;"> Welcome to Champagne Events!<br><br> Champagne Events is a full service <b>event management consultancy</b> specializing in <b>strategic event marketing</b>. Based in <b>Port Elizabeth, South Africa</b>, we understand and appreciate the value of events as an effective marketing tool for corporate and private clients. Through strong project mamanegment, we are able to ensure sound results in successfully integrating our client's brand and ethos and our work practice, <b>expertise and style</b>. <br><br> Contact Amanda Watson for Events Management in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.<br><br> <b>Email</b>: info@champagne.co.za<br> <b>Tel</b>: (+27) 0861 BUBBLY<br> <b>Fax</b>: (+27) 086 633 0028<br><br> <b>Address</b>: PO Box 6196, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6065.<br><br> </div>